Civic Amenity Site (Waste & Recycling)

Bin Collection Calendar

There are also bins at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall in Woodfield Lane which take cardboard, textiles, shoes and cartons.

Waste & Recycling - Epsom

The Epsom site has experienced long delays and traffic congestion. To combat this they will be introducing a pre-booking system. The intention is to introduce the pre-booking system as soon as practically possible. The exact date is expected to be within the next month. They need to ensure that the system is thoroughly tested and that residents have adequate notice of the changes. Council officers are commencing work on both readying the system and the publicity campaign.

The pre-booking system is in operation already in other counties and works well. It saves the frustration of massive queues and you know you will be able to drive in, drop off and exit all withing a short time frame.

Waste and Recycling - Leatherhead

As things change regularly at the moment, the best thing is to consult the SCC web site for Leatherhead Recycling Centre at Randalls Road.

So what is acceptable at chargeable Community Recycling Centres? Visit Community Recycling Centre (CRC) charging waste scheme for the full details.

What can go in the Recycle Bin and what can't

Follow this link for a very instructive page on what goes into the green bin.

How to recycle those "non-recyclable goods" (e.g. Pringle tubes, Tassimo pods, Crisp packets etc)

Terracycle schemes - for hard to recycle items.

Terracycle partners with volunteers from the general public, as well as major consumer product companies, retailers, manufacturers and small businesses, to provide a route for the recycling of items which are not suitable for regular household recycling (i.e. via kerbside collections).
Such items include crisp, biscuit and popcorn packets; bread bags, pet food pouches, home hygiene products, ring carriers and certain types of coffee pods.
In addition, some Terracycle schemes enable the volunteers taking part to generate income for charities, for what they collect.

Local Terracycle schemes
Tadworth Teracycle collect items for multiple schemes via a number of drop-off points, including locations in Leatherhead and Headley. Money raised from collections is donated to the Alzheimer’s Society, RSPCA and several other charities. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Terracyle recycling for West Ashtead School also collect for multiple schemes and have drop-off points in Leatherhead, Ashtead, Fetcham and Dorking. Any money raised is donated to West Ashtead School. More information on items you can recycle there can be found on their Facebook Page. If unsure what they will take, Message them.

Recycle those items of furniture and kitchen white goods - don't just dump them


See the new furniture reuse network. The Surrey Reuse Network (SRN) is made up of a group of six charities across Surrey. It aims to find new homes for donated furniture and kitchen appliances, as well as offering training and employment opportunities and helping local families in need. Mole Valley Freecycle also helps to recycle unwanted items - details below.


Reduce unwanted 'junk' mail by registering with the Mail Preference Service.


Charity Collections

Many residents collect items on behalf of charities that they support. These items include

Silver Foil, Plastic Milk Bottle Tops, Used Postage Stamps and foreign notes and coin.

If any resident would like the above or other items collected delivered to him and is happy for his telephone contact details to be advertised here, please let the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know and it will be put on the site.

Old mobile phones may be donated to Charity Shops

Don't forget that the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall car park in Ashtead has recycling bins for the following items:-

Cardboard, Textiles and Shoes (in pairs please), Cartons

Recycle that furniture and those white goods - don't just dump them

You can recycle unwanted furniture and white goods via the British Heart Foundation and money raised from their resale will go towards that Charity's good work. Go to

 Mole Valley Recycle - "Trash Nothing"

To join the group, please click the link below (or download the trash nothing app):

Street Cleaning Request

If you see the following you can report it to Mole Valley Council

Litter in a park, Dirty Street, Dog Fouling, Fly Tipping, Overflowing Bin, Graffiti, Dead Animal, Flyposting - report it. If you can get the registration number of the offending vehicle flytipping, even better. To report one or some of the above visit here.

The alternative is to use your mobile to take a picture and send it in via "Love Clean Streets" an App on your iPhone or Google Phone. Free to download and use.

For information on kerbside waste collection and recycling contact the Council on 01306 885001 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..