Shed Time

Shed TimeShed Time is a new, regular forum looking at some of the important issues facing men in the modern world. It’s an opportunity to be challenged, to be inspired and to network with other like-minded men. Despite only being set up last year, the events held have proven consistently popular; each one being better attended than the last.

The inaugural evening saw Andy Findley speak about Running a Good Race. Andy is an ultra marathon runner. He used his experience of running the Marathon des Sables -- known as the toughest footrace on earth -- to reflect on how we can be more effective as men.
The evening with Ron Bushyager focussed on emotional health; an area men are often reticent to discuss openly or even acknowledge is an issue in their lives. He offered some insights into his work as a professional psychotherapist and gave some suggestions on the theme of being stirred, not shaken.
Shortly before Christmas, Justyn Larcombe came and shared with us his incredible 'riches to rags to reconciliation' story. Justyn, a highly decorated veteran and successful city professional, lost over £750,000 to gambling; an addiction that also cost him his home, his possessions and ultimately his family.

Our 2017 agenda focusses on "the year of the man : becoming a better man”. In four sessions we'll explore different aspects of achieving this. The first will be held on Monday 27 February at 7.45pm.
Each session is free and open to all men. They are held at St. George’s Church in Ashtead, England. Food and drink is provided.

For more information, see our website (, check out our Facebook page ( or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Next Meeting

In the next event we’ll be exploring the theme of blind spots. Our website has this to say about the topic :

"We all have blind spots, yet so many of us don’t know that. Some of them detrimentally affect our job performance, even the quality of our relationships at home and elsewhere.
Daniel Haigh will be speaking about what he’s learned on his own journey and as a coach and mentor. He will also explain the essential role that friends, and sometimes coaches or counsellors, play in addressing our blind spots. He’ll cover :
• Do you realise you have blind spots?
• How do you identify them?
• How do you deal with them?
In just 35 years Dan has risen from tea-boy to CEO. He’s now a life coach and an in-demand public speaker. He’s worked with clients who range from young adults looking for direction in life, men and women struggling relationally, to leaders and CEOs aiming to increase impact.
As usual, complimentary drinks and snacks will be served on the night."