Prince Rupert's Blew Regiment of Foote of the Sealed Knot

The Sealed Knot is a registered educational charity, and has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity during the past 45 years.

An opportunity to become involved in a hobby with a BIG difference.

Young or old, single or a family, this hobby can provide enjoyment for all. The documents, and the website addresses etc in them, should answer any questions but if any remain unanswered contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Join straight away OR via a Temporary membership - a brilliant way to see if this hobby is for YOU and/or YOUR FAMILY. Take out a temporary membership for one Sealed Knot event in 2014 (Single for £14 or Family for £19) and:

  • Camp with regiment for the whole event, and enjoy the social aspect of involvement.
  • If you wish to take part in the battle(s) with us (minimum age 16), we will kit you out in period uniform, give you basic drill in weapons handling, and you can join us in the smoke of battle. You can also take part in the Living History activities (including children).
  • Enjoy the apres-battle comradeship in the real ale beer tent.
  • No camping charges, and parking, water supplies and toilet facilities are also free. Food traders on site.

If you have liked what you have seen and done (a sort of 'suck it and see' trial), and then wish to take out a full annual membership:

For those joining BEFORE 1st July, the temporary membership fee that you have paid will be offset against the Sealed Knot annual membership fees.

For those joining AFTER 1st July, the one-off joining fee of £6 will be waived.

Give it a try!

Ray Attwood

Recruiting officer – Prince Rupert's Blew Regiment of the Sealed Knot