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Car park procedures for Ashtead Station

NOTE (14th April 2019) Indigo has been rebranded as Saba. If you have the Indigo Parking App on your phone this should automatically show on your Samrt Phone now as the Saba App. We understand that everything else is unchanged.

The car park now operates an ANPR system at the Station. Those wishing to buy weekly or daily tickets will need to purchase a ticket at one of the Car Park only ticket machines. Note - the station ticket machines and Booking Hall can no longer sell parking tickets. This means that the previous arrangement whereby parking was free after 4.30pm no longer applies.  One piece of good news is that the car park machines can sell the off-peak tickets that start at 2.30pm and extends until 03.59 the following day.

We are told told you can buy tickets in advance using Indigo’s web site or download the Parking App (ConnectCashlessParking) if you have an Apple or Android Smart Phone. See

However - please note that buying the tickets in advance does NOT guarantee you a space. If you buy the tickets online then turn up to find there are no spaces, you not only cannot park, but there's no refund on the advance tickets either. We learned of this only today (31/5/18). This being the case, what advantage is there to buying tickets in advance unless you are planning on travelloing at a time when you know from experience there will be spaces available. If travelling at other times it soumds as though it is better to arrive and hope there is a space, but leaving enough time to negotiate the vaguaries of the ticket machine whilst having enough loose change.

To use the car park as a regular or one-off user it is best to register yourself with ConnectCashlessParking. You can do this by downloading the App or telephoning 0345 434 8008 from your SmartPhone. You’ll need the Location Code (1200) plus Mobile Phone Number and create a Password. The App allows you to record your Debit/Credit Card Details. Once registered then paying for further parking visits is much easier. You can pre-book either via the web site or via the phone App. You can of course still buy on the day at the machines. The downside of pre-booking is that there’s no guarantee you will get a space. You can also park and then pay via the web site or App afterwards as soon as you can.

For those visiting the car park to drop-off or collect, there is a 20 minute "grace" period. If the train is late and you are in danger of overstaying that time we are told you can drive out and in again and the "grace" period starts again.

There is a new system for Blue Badge holders. This is the reply the ARA received from GTR re the Blue Badge procedure:-

As per the signs, blue badge holders will need to register with Cashless Connect initially and then when they park they will have to either text or call to register their parking. The blue badge also needs to be displayed whilst parking. Parking without a blue badge will mean that the vehicle is issued with a penalty notice (regardless of whether or not the parking is registered or not). As with payment within the car park, this should be made upon arrival at the car park, or as soon after as is possible. This can be done either via the phone, or by text, as advertised on the signs.

I have just called the number on the blue sign and although a recorded message it takes you through the process of registering your visit (you do need to be registered in order to use this service).

For Blue Badge holders the system is slightly more complicated and made more difficult if you don’t have access to a mobile telephone with SMS facility or a computer. For those with access to both you register as above using the web site or the App. As you enter your phone number and registration number plus the Location Code 9200 this records you on the system as a Blue Badge Holder for Ashtead. Once registered you just need to record your arrival by telephoning 0345 434 8008 and choose the amount of time you wish to park. I believe you can choose for up to a week. If using a Blue Badge (the already registered 9200 code identifies you as such) no payment is required – though you must still display the badge.

If you don’t have a smart phone or computer the procedure is more complicated. You can telephone 0345 434 8008 from your home phone to register, but you then have to telephone Indigo on 0330 1235 247 (Option 6) to advise them of your Registration Number. When next using the car park if you telephone 0330 1235 247 (Option 6) in advance (or as soon as possible after parking) they will record your arrival and registration number. Again you still have to display the Blue Badge.

All of the above information is as advised to us, and it would be helpful to learn from actual users whether the system as described is how it works and what pitfalls (if any) may be experienced. Please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A few Premier Parking spaces are now available in the Car Park. These are reserved spaces and no doubt at extra cost and only for annual tickets.