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GTR announce new car park procedures for Ashtead Station

The Residents' Association has been advised that ANPR charging system is unlikely to be "live" before December. This system is one similar to Lidl Supermarket whereby your number plate is read by CCTV on the way in and then going out again.

Signs and cameras are already erected and in place but we have been assured the ANPR system "won't be fully operational until December at the earliest." Once operational, motorists staying longer than the "grace" period of 20 minutes will be charged unless they have paid for a Season Ticket or Day Ticket. The new machines installed in the car park will allow you to enter your registration number into the system. We are advised full details of the new system and how to regiser your existing Season Ticket will be publicised at the Station before the launch. The station has been supplied with posters and leaflets for customers with details of payment options and dates of changes in the meantime.

With regard to Blue Badge Holders, this will still be free, but they will need to notify GTR/Indigo on their arrival to register the registration number for the car they have used. We have asked if Blue Badge holders can register an annual exemption, but as was pointed out, the Blue Badge is issued to the individual not the vehicle. We have requested this be looked at again to avoid the daily "hassle" of telephoning Indigo.

We have also asked if those waiting to collect passengers are nearing the end of their 20 minute grace period what happens if they leave the car park and re-enter straight away? Does this start the "clock" again? We do not want side roads clogged up with drivers waiting for passengers because a train is delayed and drivers have reached their 20 minutes.

One small bit of good news is that the new machines cater for the off-peak rate from 2.30pm negotiated by the Residents' Association.

Finally, a notice has appeared announcing "Premier Parking". We assume this is for reserved spaces and no doubt at extra cost. We have no details of this yet, but once we know, this will be published here and on Facebook.