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Ashtead Station

Changes to services during Waterloo Improvement Works 5th to 28th August 2017

London Waterloo is Britain's busiest station and a vital part of one of the most heavily used railways in the country. In the last 20 years, passenger journeys on the railway have almost doubled to 234 million.

The Waterloo and South West Upgrade programme is an £800 million investment to create 30% more space for passengers during the busiest times of the day.

It includes:

  • 30 brand new trains, provising 150 extra carriages from April this year.
  • Allowing longer trains on suburban routes from December 2017.
  • Longer trains to Reading from December 2017.
  • Five brand new platforms at Waterloo allowing more trains every hour by December 2018.
  • Creating a bigger and better Waterloo, and
  • New technology to make trains more efficient and improve punctuality.

From 5th to 28th August, platforms 1 -9 at waterloo will be closed so work can start to extend the platforms for longer trains. During this time South West trains will not be able to run as many services. For some stations this will involve reductions in services and for others (not Ashtead), closure. There will also be some changes to weekend services between April and October so check with Rail Information before travelling. Ashtead is scheduled to be "busier than usual and have fewer services."

To try to help travellers during this time longer trains will run throughout the day to help people travel at different times and Platforms 20-24 (the old Eurostar platforms) will be used.

For more detailed train service information, advice and an "at a glance" service Map, visit


Update 23/1/2016


We have chased Southern via their local Manager for an update on outstanding works at Ashtead Station.

a) An off-peak parking fee. There is now an off-peak tariff of £2.50 will apply from 2.30pm until 4.30pm Monday to Friday. The "Free" period is from 4.30pm. New signs have been erected now showing all the tariffs as follows:-

Daily Ticket £5.50; Off-Peak Ticket (2.30pm to 4.30pm) £2.50; Saturday £3.30; Sunday £2.00; Weekly £23.00; Monthly £86.00; Quarterly £240.00 & Annual £895.00.

NOTE: The new off-peak tickets can only be bought from the station booking office. The machines located in the car park can only produce full day tickets.

b) The ARA is still pressing for a "20 Minute Waiting Area" to be created in the car park opposite the disabled spots.

c) Sadly when replacing the poles and creating a new kerb the opportunity was NOT taken to create a ramp for wheelchairs, pushchairs and wheeled cases onto the pavement. We have asked that a pole be removed and a dropped kerb installed.

d) Indigo (previously Meteor) the Car Park company for GTR (Southern) do not intend replacing the broken car park ticket machine and those remaining will still not take 10p coins (so how do you pay 30p you ask? And so do we!!!)

e) We have requested a pedestrian route be painted from the Common footpath across the car park to alert drivers to the possibility of pedestrians crossing at that point. We have witnessed drivers driving far too fast through that pinch point. This too is in discussion with Southern.