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Scam Warning

There is new legislation coming that will affect the UK's largest banking groups. Santander say their accounts in the UK will not be effected.

This is called "ring-fencing". A consequence of this is that some banks will be changing sort codes and account numbers and there is a concern that fraudsters will take this opportunity to target people. Fraudsters could contact you through spoofed or hacked email accounts pretending to be legitimate persons or businesses you've already been communicating with, e.g. a Solicitor or Builder. One poor victim has already been caught sending house completion money to what she thought was her Solicitor only to find she'd been advised a change of sort code and account number by a fraudster.

- Never set up or change payment details without independently checking the request is genuine.

- Always contact the person or business making the change, either face to face or by telephone (using existing contact details only, NOT any in the same email.


Identity Fraud is on the increase.

Head of the City of London Police’s Economic Crime Directorate, Detective Superintendent Glenn Maleary said:

“Identify fraud continues to be a significant issue in law enforcement and the new figures which Cifas has released today come as no surprise. The more our lives move online the easier it becomes for fraudsters to steal our identity. It has become normal for people to publish personal details about themselves on social media and on other online platforms which makes it easier than ever for a fraudster to steal someone’s identity.


“The figures show that both businesses and consumers are targeted and it is therefore important that people commit to protecting themselves in all aspects of their lives. Be careful who you give your information to, always consider whether it is necessary to part with those details. Cyber security is becoming increasingly important and we urge everyone both at home and at work to ensure that they have the right security settings on all of their devices.
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It is probably no coincidence that the greatest number of incidents are within the age group popular with social media. One of the morals of this story is to be very circumspect what you post on Social Media. Why let burglars know you are off on holiday? Don't let the world know personal details that could be used in identity theft.


A new email scam that has Malware included - and it looks very genuine.




























Fraudsters are sending out emails purporting to be from a legitimate company called UK Parking Control LTD (UKPC) that claim you have a parking ticket.

The convincing looking emails entitled “Parking Charge Reminder” claim you have parked on one of UKPC’s client's private land.

The bottom of the email asks victims to click on “payment options and photos” for more information - a link that is likely to contain malware. If you receive one of these emails, delete it, do not download the attachment and report it to



Neighbourhood Watch Newsletters are now not routinely issued but only when something major happens. Surrey Police now issue advices via "Active Citizens" and when received, these will be published here on this page.

We have been advised of a new web site that gives advice on spotting and avoiding common scams, frauds and schemes online and offline. Follow this link for more details


Surrey County Council Trading Standards have on their web site the last three alerts issued. Visit their site:-

All reports of frauds or scams can be reported to us via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 08454 04 05 06 or online via their website