Points to consider re Ermyn House, Ermyn Way


Points to note if considering commenting on this development


• Traffic is already fairly constant because of the employment site. The initial 1984 planning approval for the site gave permission for 800 (eight hundred) car parking spaces, to include visitor spaces. Over time some grass area was concreted over for a few extras.

There was also a bus from APMH to Exxon House starting at 07.00: the schedule was for 4 round trips but on most days only 3 were necessary.

• Highways have said that traffic issues around the Ermyn Way/A24/Green Lane crossroads are resolvable but we do need a greater understanding of how this is likely to be achieved.

• The inclusion of, and improvement to, cycle paths connecting this development to transport & shopping facilities in Leatherhead / Ashtead could be insisted upon as a requirement if development goes ahead.

• Construction traffic is likely to be a problem and careful planning needs to go into this.

This is a Saxon & Bronze Age archeological site and a survey may be required before work begins.