Support your local traders who have supported you.

Support your local traders

During the last three months when supermarket shopping became synonymous with delivery delays, shortages and queuing, Ashtead's local traders have filled in the gaps for many residents. The local small corner shop (be they M&S, Co-op, Tesco and even the Post Office ) together with other food retailers like Cook, the butchers, the greengrocers and the bakers have kept Ashtead residents supplied with food and essentials when others couldn't. In addition, local cafes and restaurants have changed their ways of trade by switching to deliveries and take-aways. As we hopefully and carefully move towards semi-normality we should remember our local traders and thank them for being there for us during this time. The Ashtead Residents' Association is very grateful to all local traders who have been able to keep open during this period and we thank you for supporting us all.

When normality does return we must all remember the support we received from them and reciprocate by continuing to buy locally where we can at all the shops. We urge you to support your local traders!

Ashtead Rotary have now joined this call and have contacted us to promote the following:-

"Ashtead Rotary Club launches Shop Local Week!
22nd to 28th June 2020.
We are urging you to support Ashtead's traders and retailers: those who have continued to provide services throughout lockdown; those who have come up with innovative ways to trade; and especially those who haven't been able to trade for months but are now reopening their doors.
Take a selfie at your favourite Ashtead retailer and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post it on Facebook/tweet @AshteadRotary for a chance to WIN A PRIZE for you and your chosen retailer.
Please also consider contributing to Ashtead's charities, many of which are facing increased demand for their services but significantly reduced fundraising opportunities. All money donated will be spent within the community.
Shop Local - Help Local - Ashtead Rotary in Your Community"

Post-Lockdown Procedures

Mole Valley Council and Surrey County Council have asked Councillors and Residents' Associations for suggestions on how to better manage post-lockdown procedures when shopping restrictions are relaxed. A Report has been published and some of the Residents' Association's suggestions have been immediately accepted and will be implemented. These were as follows:-


Increase bike stands at shopping destinations. There are none at Craddocks or Barnett Wood Lane; need to check the provision in The Street (4?). Provide secure sheltered cycle storage in MVDC car parks.

Check location of bike racks and potential for conflict with queuing to access stores

SCC Phase 1 (installation within eight weeks of funding award notice) - Craddocks Avenue – install additional cycle parking outside shops, and improve existing cycle parking signs.  The Street – extend existing cycle parking outside V&H homes, in this busy shopping area. The Street – Install cycle parking outside M&S.

Surface marking and signage to illustrate and communicate social distancing rules.

MVDC to support

Barnett Wood Lane Shops. The pavement is wide enough for people to pass each other safely but a marked-out one-way system might help as it could get crowded once all the businesses are operating again so directional pavement markings and queuing lanes for each business might be necessary.
Parking shouldn’t be stopped as there is little availability in the side streets but a barrier to stop people going into the road should be put in place.

MVDC to support signage.

Other suggestions are still being reviewed and if it is proposed these be implemented we will report them here.