"Oldies" Bus Pass Extra Concession

"Oldies" can now travel for free earlier because of the virus.

Concessionary Travel

Certain supermarkets are now allowing preferential access for the elderly before 9.30am, to avoid the impact of the 'panic buyers'.

Requests have been received to allow free travel for elderly / disabled ‘free bus pass-holders’ before 9.30, in this 'emergency situation'. 12 operators are already honouring this including Arriva who run our 479 service.

It seems that some companies are cutting back their services due to the lack of passengers so it is always worth checking the bus times.

The following link to the latest information on the SCC web site. It includes the bus pass 09.30 offer and will be updated as things change: https://www.surreycc.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/buses-and-other-transport/bus-timetable-changes/temporary-changes-to-bus-services-and-road-closures