APMH Car Park - Resurfacing

Contractors will be starting work on the refurbishment of the Ashtead Peace Memorial Car Park on 2nd September.

There are currently 8 bring banks in the car park for the collection of a range of materials, including cardboard, paper, plastic, textiles, cartons, bottles and cans. They are going to be removed to facilitate the works to the car park which are scheduled to last for 10 weeks.

Alternative bring banks are available at the Randalls Road car park in Leatherhead, at the Leatherhead Community Recycling Centre off Randalls Road, Leatherhead or the Epsom Transfer station. In addition, most of the material that can be taken to the APMH bring banks such as textiles and small electrical items can be collected by Amey as part of the weekly kerbside collection. Paper, card, bottles and cans are collected as part of the fortnightly recycling collection.

MVDC will be putting together some lines of communication and signs in the car park about this to make people aware that the bring banks are being removed to facilitate the works to the car park and what the alternatives are.

The cost of resurfacing the car park to a specification that would withstand the manoeuvring of the large HGV’s that empty the bring banks is £450,000. A specification suitable for cars is £207,000. It was decided to go with the lesser specification an thereby save £243,000.

In light of that and having considered the future arrangements with Cllr Malcomson, the Executive Member for the Environment, it is proposed that the bring banks are not returned to the car park for the following reasons:

• Most of the material that can be taken to the bring banks can be collected at the kerbside every week or fortnightly in the case of paper, plastic and cans.
• Alternative bring banks are available in Leatherhead.
• The bring banks will detract from the appearance of the refurbished car park.
• They encourage fly tipping around them which further detracts from the car park’s appearance.
• Vehicle journeys and carbon emissions generated by trips to the bring banks will be reduced whereas kerbside collections are more environmentally sustainable.
• It is suspected that the cardboard bring bank is used by local traders who should be arranging for their trade waste to be collected by a waste contractor or taken to the Leatherhead Transfer Station rather than using the bring banks.
• It will release car parking spaces.
• The bring banks only generate a small amount of income.

The removal of the bring banks might attract some criticism but for the reasons stated above it is considered the way forward. MVDC will ensure that the future arrangements are publicised during the ten week period of the car park refurbishment works.