The Local Plan - "Future Mole Valley"

Social media is getting hot under the collar about the Local Plan and green areas at risk.The Residents' Association is awaiting publication of the draft Local Plan, which is scheduled to go out for public consultation on 24th June and until then we have no idea which development sites will be proposed for consideration. 

Mole Valley will be arranging drop-in sessions for residents and we are considering organizing a public meeting of our own and inviting your Local Councillors to attend but until we see which sites are being proposed, we don't know what the meeting will need to be about.

Although it is understandable that people are getting concerned about potential sites that may be included, until we are advised of the proposals on 24th June there is nothing we or anyone esle can do.

Watch this space for details of our proposed open meeting which will be held at the APMH.