Woodfield Lane Apartments Construction

Planning Application MO/2016/1934

Residents may have noticed that work has commenced on the new apartments at the foot of Woodfield Lane by the shops and the original properties have now been demolished. 

The Residents' Association is concerned that construction vehicles and workmens' vehicles are parked outside of the marked bays and are staying for longer than their allotted time. As far as we are aware a dispensation to park outside the bays or the times has not been issued. Congestion at this junction has been observed due to these incorrectly parked vehicles causing traffic jams and delays to bus services. If a residents sees vehicles are parked in such a manner they should bring this to the attention of the Council's Civil Enforcement Officers (01306 885001) and request attendance by a Parking Officer.

We can't stop the building going ahead as plans were agreed by the Planning Inspectorate, despite having been unanimously rejected by the Council's Development Control Committee, but we endeavour to ensure all the requirements and conditions of the plans are fully enforced and that residents are inconvenienced as little as possible.