Parking Charges at Surrey beauty spots

The Leatherhead Advertiser featured an article about the effect of Surrey County Council's new parking charges at places like Norbury Park and Young Street. It is assumed that Surrey County Council see this as a means of obtaining more funds to fill their black hole. So do we support this initiative or not? Some see this as an affordable means of raising revenue to be a vital form of funding to improve and maintain the Surrey's countryside, i.e those who use the open spaces pay for their upkeep. Others believe that these facilities should be a free public service, i.e. common land open for free use by everyone.

Some Surrey County Councillors raised concerns over the mixed messages the Council was giving by promoting a healthier lifestyle and wellbeing for residents and encouraging them to go outdoors for walks and enjoy parks, yet at the same time putting barriers in their way by charging them to park to be in the countryside.

If you have a view and wish to register an objection and for the policy to be reversed or amended you can register your objections via the Council's web site where they have launched an 8 week public consultation which started in October.

The web site address for the Petition is At the time of writing the number of signatures was reaching the 10,000 mark.