Unlawful Demolition - Royal Oak Pub, Kingston Road, Leatherhead

We have been asked to publish this plea on behalf of residents of Leatherhead who would be very grateful for your support with this important test case about pubs and planning laws. They are extremely concerned that developers can break the law with impunity and then likely to be rewarded by being granted planning permission by MVDC planning department and committee to build without them consulting properly with the community that live and work in the area. They should be made to re-build the pub they unlawfully demolished. This is our chance to make our views known to MVDC

Here is the link to a petition on the MVDC website about the application for retrospective permission to demolish the pub, The Royal Oak in Kingston Road, which was demolished unlawfully in November/December 2017 by the developers:

If you agree with the petition, please click on the link to sign:

Complete the brief details and then confirm acceptance by acknowledging the subsequent email.

The petition reads:

“We the undersigned petition Mole Valley District Council to refuse planning application MO/2018/0980 for retrospective demolition of the Royal Oak Kingston Road Leatherhead and building 20 flats for the following reasons including policy CS17 (3) Infrastructure, Services & Community Facilities - MVDC will resist loss of key services & facilities (including community facilities), unless an appropriate alternative is provided or, evidence is presented that the facility is no longer required and suitable alternative uses have been considered. This will require the developer to provide evidence that they have consulted with an appropriate range of service providers and the community where relevant".