Did the earth move for you?

Recent local earthquakes in the Reigate and Dorking areas have prompted speculation that these are linked to oil and gas drilling in the area. Cllr Patricia wiltshire has been in contact with SCC and sent the following details:-

"We have had lots of calls from local residents regarding the earthquakes, pointing the blame at oil and gas exploration in the area. However, there is a relatively long history of oil and gas exploration, appraisal and production in Surrey, with no history of associated earthquakes. These tremors source are some 5km below the surface and are thought to be of natural deep seated origin.

In respect of any issues regarding seismic activity associated with oil and gas exploration, the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) are the relevant regulatory body. However, the British Geological Survey (BGS) monitor seismic activity and contacted the OGA before making on a comment on their website in respect of the recent earthquakes in Surrey. Please see the link below.


The BBC has also put out a more recent statement with quotes from the BGS, link below


The BGS seismologist has stated that evidence points to a natural cause and that with this cluster of earthquakes at the moment we put it down to natural seismicity. ‘We live on a dynamic planet’.

The County Planning Authority will be guided by the BGS and the OGA, who have the experience in this field of work.

If we receive any further advice from these authorities, then we will keep you informed."