You asked - we provided.

Last year residents approached us and the then MVDC Councillor, John Northcott, and requested additional lights on the Woodfield on the diagonal path that crosses from the station car park to Barnett Wood Lane by The Woodman. Although there were many lights near the station and the path that runs to the iron footbridge, the lights on the diagonal path stopped half way across.

The transition from light to dark left the last 200 metres in darkness accentuated by the much lighter area in front of The Woodman. Ladies reported the dark area as intimidating and they preferred to walk the longer way round on the pavement which at least was lit up.

The Residents' Association has listened to those concerns and used its Localism Grant from Surrey County Council together with a sum from Councillor Chris Townsend's Allocation to pay for Skanska to install two extra lights.

It has taken 18 months to get these lights installed as both Councils were discussing (arguing!) over who was to pay for the ongoing electricity and maintenance cost. Eventually SCC agreed to cover these costs and once the ARA had made payment to SCC who then paid Skanska - hey presto - lights were installed.

Our thanks go to Chris Townsend, Surrey Highways and Skanska for making this possible.