We need your help

The Association is run by the Standing Committee. However in order to help residents we need an army of Road Stewards who are prepared to deliver the magazines twice a year, and once a year collect subscriptions from Residents in their roads. Subscritions are £2.50 a year - less than a packet of cigarettes (and far more healthy!) or one pint of beer - yet people baulk at the cost. Unbelievable.

The Association is here to help residents with Parking, Planning, Highways and Rail, Waste, Nuisance and many many more areas. To do this we need members. Member numbers equals a strong voice. When writing to the Councils we can say the Association represents 43% of all households in Ashtead. That's a bigger majority than ANY political party. Our voice counts.

We need Road Stewards in the following roads. If you believe you can help with a road or even part of a road, please email the Membership Secretary on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The role is not onerous and you meet and get to know all your neighbours.

Alexander Godley Close (10)

Howard Close (35)

Aquila Close (27)

Kingfisher Close (7)


Berry Meade and Close (113)

(BWL 174-209) (32).

Leatherhead Rd 68-88 (9)


Bramley Way 20-135 (97)

Brookers Close (111)

Oakhill Road, 2 parts (51)

Darcy Place (20)

Chaffers Mead (70).

Ottways Lane, 2 parts (51).

Darcy Road (62)

Craddocks Ave 49-95 and 50-96 (48)

Park Lane South (19)

Delderfield and Beauclaire Close (15)


Dene Road (28)

Parsons Mead (rest) (45)

Ermyn Close (20)


Devitt Close (22)

Purcell’s Close (20)

Green Lane (Ermyn Way) (7)

Duckworth Drive (17)

Read Road (73).

Hatherwood   (36)

Ermyn Way (21)

Stonnycroft (59)

Quarry Close (7)

Floral Court (The Chase) (26)


Timberhill (24)

The Cedars (Ermyn Way) (11)

Gaywood Road (25)

Walters Mead (14)

The Street (100*)

Grove Rd (43)

West Farm Close (32)

Hatfield Rd (19)

Woodfield (18)

Heathfields Close (9)

Woodfield Close (35).