Transform Leatherhead

Transform Leatherhead Logo001Information about Transform Leatherhead is now in the Public Domain:

• The Baseline Report, (the Masterplanners assessment of Leatherhead as it is today)
• The Stage 1 Consultation Report (the Report on the first consultation exercise with the details of what all contributors thought.)
• The Stage 2 Consultation report. (the Masterplanners outline ideas for the future.

These are all contained in the Transform Leatherhead section of the Agenda for the MVDC Scrutiny Committee which will be meeting on 17th November. If approved they will go to the council meeting early in December.

To find these reports click on this link - and scroll to Item 7, 'Transform Leatherhead'.

The Baseline Report is on page 75. The Stage 1 Consultation is on page 37 and the Stage 2 Ideas for the future is Appendix 3.

Transform LeatherheadThe sheets on Appendix 3 will be produced as large exhibition boards ready for the public consultation which will be on:

• 5th December- Leatherhead Theatre 3-7pm
• 10th December- Leatherhead Theatre 3-7pm
• 11th December- Leatherhead Theatre- 3-7pm
• 12th December- Leatherhead Theatre- 12-7pm

So here is another opportunity for individuals and associations to make representation to MVDC and the Masterplanners.