Dartford River Crossing

From 30 November 2014, you’ll no longer pay at the barriers when you use the Dartford Crossing. The new payment service is called Dart Charge.

You must pay to use the Dartford Crossing between 6am and 10pm. You must pay by midnight the day after you cross. Cameras read your number plate when you cross.

The fee depends on your vehicle type and whether you’ve set up an account.

Set up an account online. Minimum payment is £10.00 and you can set up the account to pay and top-up manually if you do occasional trips, or automatically if you do regular trips. On opening the account Dart send you an information pack by email. The fees are cheaper if you set up an account and opening the account online is very easy.

Alternatively you will be able to pay via the web site https://www.dartford-crossing-charge.service.gov.uk/ when the crossing goes live on 30th November.

Fees have increased if you pay per journey and if you fail to pay a fee there are severe penalty charges.

You’ll be sent a Penalty Charge Notice if you don’t pay by midnight on the day after you made your crossing. The penalty charge is £70 and must be paid within 28 days. It’s reduced to £35 if you pay within 14 days and increased to £105 if you don’t pay. You also have to pay the crossing charge. The Penalty Charge Notice will tell you how to pay.

Fees are as follows:-

Cars (including trailers), motorhomes, vans and buses with less than 9 seats.  Single payment £2.50, standard or commercial Dart account £1.67.

2 axle heavy goods vehicles (including vans) Single payment £3.00, standard or commercial Dart account £2.63.

Multi-axle goods vehicles. Single payment £6.00. Standard or commercial Dart account £5.19.

Mopeds, motorcycles, motor tricycles and quad bikes are free. Crossings between 10pm and 6am are still free.