Appeal for Road Stewards

Appeal for Road Stewards

The Residents' Association is in need of volunteers to be a Road Steward for any of the following roads in Ashtead. The role involves delivering two magazines a year, and annually collecting £2.50 per member household. The roads in question are as follows:-

Alexander Godley Close (10)

Links Road Nos. 54-93 (38)

Aquila Close (27)

Mole Valley Place (22)

Barnby Close (8)

Oakhill Road – 2 sections (51)

Beauclaire Close & Delderfield (15)

Ottways Lane (East) (20)

Berry Meade & Berry Meade Close (113)

Ottways Lane 45-73 & 64-90 (28)

Bramley Way 20-135 (97)

Park Lane South (19)

Brookers Close (111)

Parsons Mead (remaining (38)

Craddocks Avenue 1-47 odd (24)

Pepys Close (9)

Craddocks Avenue 49-95 odd (24)

Pound Court (14)

Darcy Place (20)

Quarry Close (7)

Darcy Road (62)

Quarry Gardens (35)

Ermyn Close (20)

Read Road (70)

Ermyn Way (21)

Stonny Croft (59)

Floral Court (The Chase) (26)

The Cedars (Ermyn Way) (11)

Forest Way (27)

The Ridings (8)

Green Lane (Ermyn Way) (7)

The Street (unknown)

Hatherwood (36)

Timberhill (24)

Heathfields Close (9)

Woodfield (18)

Howard Close (35)

Woodfield Close (35)

Leatherhead Rd 68-88 (9)

That's 1,200 potential members!

Without the help of our army of Road Stewards the Association would falter. If you think you might be able to devote a tiny bit of your spare time to assisting the Association by delivering the magazines and collecting subs please do let us know. If you'd like to discuss the role and see what it entails please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you!!