20's Plenty

Although Brexit grabs all the headlines nationally, more locally it seems we are already gearing up for the Local Elections in May and the dreaded "Social Media" is being used to inform (and misinform) residents. One such subject is the imposition of 20mph speed limits in the vicinty of local schools in Ashtead.

Ashtead Independent Councillor, Patricia Wiltshire (Common Ward) has tried to inform residents via "Social Media" sites and has posted the following information:-

"There has been some concern about the speed of traffic near Ashtead schools. I can report that Surrey County Councillor Chris Townsend has already organised for the speed limit to be lowered to 20 mph around St Giles School and City of London Freemen's School in Park Lane & Dene Road. It is due for final implementation this year (the signs are already there). He continues to work towards getting 20mph limits around all schools in Ashtead (with the possible exception of Barnett Wood School as it is on a bus route) over the foreseeable future, however, he is very aware that Surrey County Council (SCC) doesn't currently have the money, although Surrey Highways are totally aware of his plans. Your independent councillors are aware of the many problems in Ashtead in spite of it being such a nice place to live. We are working hard to remedy them. Anyway, the 20 mile speed limit is already on the agenda."

Residents will be aware from the recent spate of Consultations that SCC is looking to cut the budget wherever it can and Highways is another area where spending has been severely curtailed. Sadly, proactive measures to prevent an accident just doesn't 'cut the mustard' and there has to be a serious accident before SCC will even consider spending money. A full Ashtead Parking Review and reduction of the speed limit to 30mph on the A24 are two casualties of this practice, despite the Ashtead's SCC Councillor Chris Townsend earnestly pressing the case.