Woodfield Lane widening

Residents will see that the new parking restrictions are now in force - Mon - Fri parking for 1 hour, no return within the hour. The parking bay is now being used by those visiting the shops or the Common. Two way traffic is now the norm and it is puzzling why certain parties sought to block this scheme which is a great success to all those who use the Station and the Level Crossing.

A few people have criticised the restricted hours and want a return to the previous limitation but all that will do is allow commuters (many from outside Ashtead) to avoid paying the car park fees.

Residents will also see that, at the Residents' Association's request, Keep Clear signs were painted on the two exits from Woodfield Lane to the mini-roundabout and from the Service Road to Craddocks Parade. Drivers found that queuing cars were preventing their exit and these two new road markings should help prevent that.

Sadly John Northcott is no longer around to see the success of this scheme, but it was through his efforts and those of Cllr Chris Townsend that Surrey Highways instigated the Public Consultation which then democratically chose this widening scheme.