Street Lighting - The Big Turn Off

Residents may recall from an earlier post that Surrey County Council proposed switching off street lights overnight from 12 midnight until 5am daily.

This is now to be implemented with effect from January 2017 in Mole Valley. For the list of roads affected see the attached document.

Residents can lodge an objection to this however any decision will be based on the risk assessment criteria – so for example if something such as speed humps has been missed during a site visit, the roads inclusion will be reviewed. Any applications will be assessed on this basis by the Street Lighting team in conjunction with the Road Safety Team and Surrey Police where appropriate. To request a street be deleted or added use the attached form.

Extensive information about the programme, why Surrey CC are doing this, frequently asked questions and, which roads are going to be included and when are available on the Council’s website. This is being updated regularly as new information becomes available and the link can be found at:


If Members require further information or have specific questions, these are best directed to the Street Lighting team via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

No Right Turn - Woodfield Lane

Surrey Highways have supplemented the two No Right Turn signs with road markings. Not perhaps situated in the best spot as the words are at right angles to the traffic approachhing the turn but no real excuse for drivers still turning right and causing a hazardous situation. Whilst the geographical situation is no worse than it has been for 30 years or more, drivers coming from the north of the crossing are now not expecting a driver to turn into their path. As a consequence some near misses have been seen, plus some hand signals that are definitely NOT in the Highways Code.

Drivers are still ignoring this legal restriction and as a consequence the Police have stationed their ANPR wagon by the crossing three times now and are videoing drivers crossing the Level Crossing on Red lights AND taking note of the registration number of those cars turning right illegally. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!. It is unclear if drivers are just being cautioned or if penalty points and fines are being issued.


Woodfield Lane widening

Residents will see that the new parking restrictions are now in force - Mon - Fri parking for 1 hour, no return within the hour. The parking bay is now being used by those visiting the shops or the Common. Two way traffic is now the norm and it is puzzling why certain parties sought to block this scheme which is a great success to all those who use the Station and the Level Crossing.

A few people have criticised the restricted hours and want a return to the previous limitation but all that will do is allow commuters (many from outside Ashtead) to avoid paying the car park fees.

Residents will also see that, at the Residents' Association's request, Keep Clear signs were painted on the two exits from Woodfield Lane to the mini-roundabout and from the Service Road to Craddocks Parade. Drivers found that queuing cars were preventing their exit and these two new road markings should help prevent that.

Sadly John Northcott is no longer around to see the success of this scheme, but it was through his efforts and those of Cllr Chris Townsend that Surrey Highways instigated the Public Consultation which then democratically chose this widening scheme.



The A24 near The Greville School and Burrows Nursery

A24 smallerIn 2016 Two local parents started a campaign to increase the safety of pedestrians using the A24 near the top of Bramley Way in Ashtead. With The Greville School and the new nursery The Burrow at the entrance to Ashtead Park, there are a number of children and parents crossing this busy road every day - sometimes 4 times a day. They thought the road needed a pedestrian crossing and the speed limit reduced to 30mph until just before The Street.

With the assistance of the Ashtead Residents' Association, Councillor Peter Stanyard (Ind. Park Ward) and SCC Councillor, Chris Townsend they started an online Petition and presented their case to the Local Committee of MVDC and SCC on 15th June 2016.

The Local Committee (consisting of Councillors from Mole Valley District Council and Surrey County Council) met to review the Petition and the report from Officers. The outcome of this was that Officers recommended that the provision of a pedestrian crossing be included on the list of schemes to be considered for future funding by Mole Valley Local Committee and prioritised according to the County Council’s transport objectives.

We now understand that at the recent Local Committee it was confirmed that funding had been agreed and the project is on the list of jobs for Surrey Highways engineers to research and design.

SCC Ashtead Councillor, Chris Townsend, is pressing the engineers to get this done and the matter will be on the table at Local Committee on 1 March 2017 although we would hope for progress before then.

Our congratulations go to Jayne Mansfield and Julia Steinhardt for their very hard work and the successful outcome.


Highways News

Street Lights

Part-night street lighting consultation

The council will be turning off some of Surrey's street lights from midnight to 5am in selected roads where it is safe to do so. This will deliver significant CO2 reductions and cost savings.

Surrey County Council's consultation period ran from 5 August 2016 until 2 September 2016 and has now closed. Over 75% of respondents were in favour of at least some street lights being switched off. The Council's Cabinet met on 18 October 2016 and considered the responses from the survey.

The council plans to turn off street lights in selected roads, midnight to 5am, in the following boroughs and districts:

Guildford, Surrey Heath and Waverley in December 2016
Elmbridge, Epsom and Ewell, Mole Valley, and Reigate and Banstead in January 2017
Runnymede, Spelthorne, Tandridge and Woking in February 2017

A list of the roads subject to the part-night street lighting will be available on the Surrey County Council's web site in due course. In the meantime you may wish to read the frequently asked questions about the part-night street lighting.

Operation Horizon

Residents may be aware that it was through Operation Horizon that Links Road was improved earlier this year and other roads in Ashtead are similarly scheduled for improvement. As Operation Horizon draws to a close, Surrey Highways are now turning their attention to pavements. If you know of a dangerous pavement in Ashtead then please let us know so we may bring it to the attention of Cllr. Chris Townsend who will add it to the list he has already started. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting "Pavements - Operation Horizon" in the title.


Results from the October Survey of the Highways Customer Panel.

October 2015 Survey Data & Results.


Surrey Highways are now publishing a weekly bulletin of road maintenance in the area. This includes Ashtead but also surrounding villages and towns.

Highways have advised that it may be worth noting that they do try and put the most up to date information in the document at the time of issue, however things are subject to change for all sorts of reasons, including emergencies, breakdowns (plant and equipment etc) and last but not least, the weather!

It is not always possible to include every small piece of work that they do as this is often of a reactive nature and those works tend to be planned on a more day to day or even hourly basis for emergencies and Highway safety considerations which are beyond the scope of this bulletin.

The highways bulletins are now available on this link


For details on roadworks, present and future, plus works by the utility companies go to www.roadworks.org and type in the stem of the Post Code e.g. KT21.

Road defects, potholes, broken kerbs, street light problems etc should be reported to Surrey Highways either by telephoning the Helpline 0300 200 1003 or by logging on to the Surrey County Council web site www.surreycc.gov.uk.

You can now let Highways know direct from your iPhone. On the iPhone itself you are probably aware that you can load 'applications' or 'Apps' to your phone. You simply go to the App Store and type in 'Street Report' and it will list the App and you just click to accept this to be downloaded on your phone. It is free of charge and really as simple as that to obtain.

Once you have the app on your phone you can report a problem as follows:

  • Click on the App icon to open it up.
  • It presents various categories of problems for you to pick from, eg.roads & Pavements, lighting, street cleaning.
  • It may ask for another detail, eg. loose paving stone, trip hazard etc - again just choose a description.
  • Then it takes you to a mini form. Here you can add a photograph, enter a brief description and set the location. You can save the report or send it then and there. iPhones have cameras so taking a photo just takes a second.
  • The report will go directly to the appropriate authority and department. You do not need to insert this - it does it for you.
  • Street Report will send you an email at home and you just need to click to confirm the details are correct - then it goes for good.

You should then receive an email from Mole Valley saying that they will deal with the problem.

If you do not have an iphone but you have a computer, then you can go to:


If you have queries with regard to roads in Ashtead, you may email the Associations' Highways Officer, David Baker who will liaise with Surrey Highways as necessary. David's address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Similarly any queries with regard to Transport (Trains and Buses) please contact the Association's Transport Officer, Geoff Ball. His Email address is the same This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..