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Support for older members of the community

The Parish of Ashtead has recently employed a part-time support worker for the elderly to serve the whole community. Her name is Jacqui Kershaw and she is a member of the pastoral team based in the St George's Christian Centre. Jacqui's role is to be a visible presence in the community, helping older people to access help. She provides a confidential listening ear, companionship, facilitates activities and can signpost people who need advice . Her role came about in response to the fact that people today live longer than previous generations and also that their families often live far away.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from a phone call or visit from Jacqui then please contact her on:

Tel: 01372 813200 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sharon Seal , Director of Pastoral Care, Parish of Ashtead

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Good Friday 002

On Good Friday (30th March 2018), at 7.00pm, we welcome John Griffin to St. Michael’s Church, to perform ‘A Delicate Balance’, a 45 minute playlet, by Kenneth Clelland.

Simply put, this is a re-telling of the Easter story, from Pontius Pilate’s point of view. Perhaps not the most sympathetic of characters, but as Pilate himself says, describing the problems of governing an unruly people and dealing with difficult characters such as the Jewish leader, Caiaphas, "Judea is not the easiest place to manage”.

Even his own wife causes him major problems by becoming a follower of "this man, Jesus." At last comes the fateful meeting with Our Lord, the significance of which, Pilate does not appreciate until after the Resurrection.

John is best known to us as a poet, a published author, Men’s Breakfast “Poet in Residence” and for his one man show on Rudyard Kipling.

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