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Easy App to report pot holes, litter, fly tipping etc

There is a new free app to report fly tipping, pot holes, litter and all sorts of other really annoying things. It is called the Love Clean Streets app to report problems including graffiti, potholes, litter, fallen trees, overhanging vegetation, obscured road signs, road signs that have been twisted by passing lorries or high winds, dog fouling, horse fouling, abandoned trolleys, flytipping, things thrown into the river, the Mother-in-Law calling (well perhaps not that!) etc. There are free apps for iPhones and Android phones.

Fly TippingThe app is very easy to use. Basically you start with Begin a Report Button, click on a bottom left arrow which shows the target red flag position on a map, Take a Photo, options to Use or Retake Photo. When registering for the first time you are sent an email to verify that this is your mobile telephone number.

Add a Brief Description of location and the problem, select a Category, then the details of the report and photo are displayed on the screen, and if everything looks OK just press Send. A message then comes through to say the report has been sent.

Not only is that brilliant, but you don't need to start thinking about which council does what, Love Clean Streets does that automatically. You could even use it on a long walk anywhere in UK, where you might not even know which county you are in!

Local Councillors

To view details of Local Councillors for Ashtead visit the following Mole Valley Council web site:-


To see which Council Ward and therefore which Councillor to contact see the Ward Map. This map shows the details of the six Ashtead Independent Councillors. Village Ward is also represented by Cllr. Chris Hunt whose details are available from the MVDC site above.

The village is represented in Surrey County Council by Ashtead Independent Councillor, Chris Townsend. See the Ward Map above for his contact details.

David Mitchell-Baker MBE

Obituary: David Mitchell-Baker MBE, 1932-2015

DMBDavid was born, in what was then Rhodesia, in 1932 and lived there through his childhood and most of his school years until, six months before he was due to leave school, his parents moved to Tanzania.  Despite the disruption to his schooling, he was determined to persevere with his education and go on to tertiary education.

David’s liberal views were considerably at odds with the prevailing climate in Southern Africa in the 1950s and in 1955 he moved to the UK to pursue his goal of qualifying as an engineer.  Although his parents were both South African, his Scottish heritage, through his grandparents, qualified him for a British passport and his move to the UK took him to an engineering course at Brighton Technical College.   Kingston College had also been under consideration but David rationalized that, being further south, Brighton would be the warmer of the two places.   History does not record whether David continued to hold that view of the Sussex climate.

He stayed at the YWCA in Brighton, where he became friends with a young man who invited David to his family home in Oxford and there introduced him to his sister, Jennifer Knowles.  The rest, as they say, is history.  David and Jenny were married in 1961.  They were married for 54 years and their three children and eight grandchildren form a close-knit family and are a source of great strength one to the other.

For the first 3 years of their marriage David and Jenny lived in Jamaica, followed by stints in Libya and Ghana.  They settled in Ashtead in 1974 but David’s work continued to take him far afield to Indonesia and Sri Lanka on Project Management of water treatment plants, David’s particular area of interest and expertise.

Never one to sit idle while people needed his active interest, when at home in Ashtead David became involved with many charitable causes.  He was a founder member of Rotary when the organization began to have a presence in the UK and he was one of the team that thought up and organized the very first Ashtead Village Day.  The second Saturday in June is now an established part of Ashtead life and it raises thousands for charity in true Rotarian fashion.

In 1995, David learned that a dementia care club based at the Fairfield Centre in Leatherhead would have to close. The Alzheimer’s Society was unable to continue running it as its rules stated that it could not continue to own buildings.  David decided to take over the running of the club and, working with Merrick Kidd, he raised the funds to keep it going.  Thus was born the Mid Surrey Dementia Care Trust, which is familiarly known as the Conservatory Club, located as it is in a conservatory adjacent to the Fairfield Centre.  The Conservatory Club, which helps people with memory difficulties retain their communication and social skills, was very close to David’s heart and he remained Chairman of Trustees until shortly before his death.

In 2004, working with Christine Kerton, he helped to set up Ashtead Good Neighbours and was its first chairman.  The organization relies on volunteers who carry out neighbourly tasks for those needing a helping hand.  Volunteers mostly provide transport to medical appointments but they also perform simple DIY jobs and help with the shopping.

More recently, David was key to the setting up of the Patient Participation Group at St Stephen’s House surgery and became its first chairman.

David was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001 but continued with his charity work throughout his illness. He only allowed himself to relinquish it little by little as his illness worsened in the last two years, when the cancer had spread into his bones.  

David will be remembered as a man who made very many good things happen and in 2011, his contribution to the life of our community was recognized when was awarded the MBE for his charitable work in the area.

He was widely known, respected and loved by very many people in Ashtead and Ashtead Residents’ Association was deeply honoured that he was our President for the past 14 years.  He will be greatly missed by us all.

Grand Imperial Ship Canal

Did you know there were plans to build a canal from London to Portsmouth that went straight through Ashtead? No I didn't either. A local historian, Brian Bouchard, has researched these plans that were drawn up in 1825 that would have taken a huge warship sized canal through Surrey and Sussex to Arundel and then onto Portsmouth.

For details of the scheme, the history, the dimensions and the local route map go to www.ryemeadows.org.uk and follow the link in "What's New".

Imagine what Ashtead would be like now with our own version of the Manchester Ship Canal going right through our backyard and 8 lanes of the M25 going over it!



Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall - "Where Ashtead Meets."

The Friends of Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall will be holding their usual quarterly dinners at the Hall on the under-mentioned dates in 2018. As usual the timing will be 6.30 for 7.00 p.m.at a cost of £22 for each three course dinner. This will, in each case, be followed by an entertainment, the details of which will be advised nearer each date.

2018 dinner dates
Friday, 1st March
Friday, 6th July
Friday, 5th October
Friday, 7th December

Tickets available from the office at the APMH or at Friday coffee mornings in the Hall about three weeks before each dinner. APMH Box Office open Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 10am to 12 noon. Telephone 01372 272921.


Please also go to their web site for other events.



Local issues affecting residents of Ashtead

Information regarding Ashtead Station, the Level Crossing and transport in and around Ashtead.