Membership and Subscriptions - New Arrangements

As we all try to come to terms with our ‘new normal,’ and reflect on the last few months of uncertainty, it has become clear that, whilst small beer in comparison with the world situation, Covid-19 could not have come at a worse time for ARA and its usual delivery of the ‘Village News’ and ‘The Ashtead Resident.’ Some Road Stewards managed to deliver the publications and collect the subscriptions before ‘lockdown,’ but with many being themselves in the ‘vulnerable’ category, and a few ‘shielding,’ each Steward was advised to do only that which s/he was comfortable with. This has resulted in a disjointed and fragmented delivery and collection of subscriptions, and some Members may even get their Spring publications with this Autumn edition. All of which has meant that just over half of our usual income has been collected so far.

The Committee continues to try to come up with new ways of facilitating subscription payment, especially as several Stewards have said they no longer wish to handle cash. Roughly 300 members have paid online so far and the Committee would encourage this as part of the solution; with that in mind, we plan to add a direct payment link from the ARA website before next year’s subs. are due.

Some members have had great difficulty paying online- they all bank at the same Bank - but with increasing security being needed everywhere, and after consulting our own Bank, I can confirm that the details below are now those to be used for subscription payment online:

Sort Code 30-80-33

Account No. 19412868

Account Name – Ashtead Residents’ Association.

The correct reference is vital: without it some who have paid cannot be traced. Just your house number/name and second part of the Postcode will do. We do need more Road Stewards to reach more homes (see the article in this edition) So do please, give it some thought, even in these bizarre times.